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Project Fashion Academy is run by Professional Designer Paul Alexander & his Fashion Design Team. Unleash your child’s creativity, train them up in a skill that will last a lifetime and get hands on experience in a fun and educational way at our Fashion Design Workshops for children and teenagers.

All the patterns for our projects are developed by our in-house Fashion Designers and pattern-cutting team. Once students have completed all the beginners projects they progress onto intermediate level. At intermediate level they can celebrate the skills they’ve learnt by producing on-trend garments that they can proudly wear themselves.

Each year a new theme is revealed for our students to work on for our celebrity hosted charity fashion show. This year’s theme is ‘The Sidewalk to Catwalk Collection’ and you can learn more about it here. Students are currently working on their pieces for the next YOUNG DESIGNER OF THE YEAR AWARDS Fashion Show, October 2024.
Since 2014 many of our past students have chosen to progress with their studies and are now attending colleges such as NCAD and Griffith College.
Sidewalk to Catwalk Collection

Sidewalk to Catwalk Collection

Join us as we explore our theme “Sidewalk to Catwalk”, inspired by the fashion trends and subcultures of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Join us for our exciting after school classes. Design your own spectacular pieces to wear out and about.

Experiment with different fabrics, textures and design techniques as you dive deeper into the theme.

This is an exciting opportunity for our learners to take a basic pattern and use their skills to make a custom piece!


Embrace “Sidewalk to Catwalk” styles from 50’s to 70’s including Hippy, Greasers, Mod, Glamour and Punk. A large variety of styles that you can draw from.

The free spirited Hippy with bright coloured flared trousers, bold prints and fringe trim. The cool Greasers with rock’n’roll vibes, blue jeans and leather biker jackets. The super hip Mods with exciting patterns and bold accessories. The do-it-yourself Punks with chains, patches and lots of studs. The stylish ladies of Glamour dressing like fairy tale characters with luxurious fabrics and lots of sparkle!

With so many styles to choose from, we are sure there is something for every student to get really inspired with this project!

Hippy style


Learners will be taught to sew in a creative environment. They will receive class notes and information on fabrics & designers. Our machines are very easy to use and are equipped with finger guards. New starters will learn all about sewing machine safely and basic operation. Learners will receive Project Fashion grading certificate’s on completion of each syllabus. The new students will start on a Beginner’s Project program. Once they have received their certificate’s, they will join the rest of the group in more project based workshops.

New venues opening: Limerick & Cork.



They will learn the complete process of Fashion Design. Starting with Creative Thinking, learners will discover the whole thought process of how to transfer ideas onto paper. How to take inspiration from something. Producing a moodboard, documenting their thoughts, colours and textures. Then onto Fashion Drawing, where they draw their final design. With guidance from our experienced tutors, students will be trained in pattern cutting and garment construction. This enables the learner to explore, clarify and express their ideas through each of these stages..

All new learners need to bring fabric for their Beginner’s Projects. Fabric choice is very important, it lets the learner express themselves and allows them to explore. The textures, patterns and colours can inspire ideas and allow creative expression.As the learner becomes more confident you will see this through their fabric choices and in their handling of the fabrics in more complex ways.

Details on Beginner’s link below. Learners working on their collection, please follow Fabric Measurements and Suggestions link, below.

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