Sidewalk to Catwalk Collection 2023/2024

Sidewalk to Catwalk Collection

Embrace “Sidewalk to Catwalk” styles from 50’s, 60’s and 70’s including Hippy, Greasers, Mod, Glamour and Punk. Intermediate and advanced students will be choosing garment projects from these themes, which offers a large variety of styles that you can draw from.

The free spirited Hippy with bright coloured flared trousers, bold prints and fringe trim. The cool Greasers with rock’n’roll vibes, blue jeans and leather biker jackets. The super hip Mods with exciting patterns and bold accessories. The do-it-yourself Punks with chains, patches and lots of studs. The stylish ladies of Glamour dressing like fairy tale characters with luxurious fabrics and lots of sparkle!

With so many styles to choose from, we are sure there is something for every student to get really inspired with this project! Experiment with different fabrics, textures and design techniques as you dive deeper into your chosen theme.

This is an exciting opportunity for our learners to take a basic pattern and use their skills to make a custom piece!

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