Sidewalk to Catwalk Projects


Brief: Design and produce an on trend wearable collection using “Sidewalk to Catwalk” mood boards and references as inspiration.

In this collection we are focusing on the unique sense of style attributed to an individual or group in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Together with your tutor you will explore which “Group” you would imagine yourself to be a part of, how you would style yourself, and what bold fashion choices you would make in an environment where standing out is encouraged and expected. This year’s brief is open to interpretation, allowing our students some creative freedom.

Some thought should be put into where they would find their inspiration, should it be directly from one of our mood boards, or do they have a book, tv show or movie they think fits the theme. We will then spend time in class discussing our ideas and creating mood boards before finalizing designs.

Look at each character as, essentially, a guide which we hope will assist our young designers in realizing their own vision for “Who they would be”. Experiment with different fabrics, patterns, and design techniques as we work towards our Young Designer of the Year Fashion Show!

Sidewalk to Catwalk Collection
Chaleco project

Chaleco Project

Flared Pants project

Flared Trousers Project

Neck-High Top project

Neck-High Top Project

Frilly Top project

Frilly Top Project