Project Fashion Academy is run by Professional Designer Paul Alexander & his Fashion Team. Unleash your childs creativity, train them up in a skill that will last a lifetime and get hands on experience in a fun and educating way at our Fashion Design Workshops for children and teenagers.

Our current learners are producing a collection. From creating their very own brand name and logo to designing and constructing their garments, ready to showcase on the catwalk at the end of year YOUNG DESIGNER OF THE YEAR AWARDS Fashion Show 13th June 2020.

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Learners will be taught to sew in a creative environment. We assign a new project every one to two terms. They will receive class notes and information  on fabrics & designers. Our machines are very easy to use, and are all the same brand, Janome, which are equipped with finger guards. New starters will learn all about sewing machine safetly and basic operation. Learners will receive Project Fashion grading certificate’s on completion of each syllabus. Once they have received their certificate’s, they will join the rest of the group in more project based workshops.

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A little injection of magic…

Join us for an exiting workshop this Christmas. Design and make a wardrobe of clothes for your favourite Elf in time for Christmas!

Here at Project Fashion we are happy to announce our Elf on a Shelf Fashion Design Classes just in time for Christmas 2019

This is an exciting opportunity for our learners to make a mini version of some of the designs they have already created so they can match come Christmas day.




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They will learn the complete process of Fashion Design. Starting with Creative Thinking, learners will discover the whole thought process of how to transfer ideas onto paper. How to take inspiration from something. Producing a moodboard, documenting their thoughts, colours and textures. Then onto Fashion Drawing, where they draw their final design. With guidance from our experienced tutors, students will be trained in pattern cutting and garment construction. This enables the learner to explore, clarify and express their ideas through each of these stages.

Price: €91 for a 5 week term. Some projects can run longer than one term.

All new learners need to bring fabric for their Beginner’s Projects. Fabric choice is very important, it lets the learner express themselves and allows them to explore. The textures, patterns and colours can inspire ideas and allow creative expression.As the learner becomes more confident you will see this through their fabric choices and in their handling of the fabrics in more complex ways.

Details on Beginner’s link below.  Learners working on their collection, please follow Fabric Measurements and Suggestions link, below.


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