The School of Style Collection

Set your alarms ! Don’t be late!

     It’s your first day at the School of Style and this is your year to shine!

Come with us as we walk through the chic corridors of the School of Style. Where Every classroom is a fashion show and every hall a catwalk. This year, we are excited to watch our designers have fun taking influence from movies or tv shows that reference the typical American high school experience. Shows such as KC Undercover, Ravens Home, High School Musical, Liv and Maddie etc.

(And for the parents, reference; Clueless, Grease, Gossip Girl)

Speak to your tutor about your inspiration, maybe you have a favorite show or movie that fits the theme we don’t yet know about! The possibilities are endless!

Together with the help of our tutors, our young designers will learn to embrace what makes them unique while they unlock their own sense of style.


We hope our students can find confidence while exploring the different characters in this years brief; knowing their differences can be the glitter in a sea of uniformity.

With endless possibilities and opportunities to be creative, using skills learned in class and adding your own flair, our students are sure to get straight As in style.

So, Class of 2023, please take your seats…and stand out!

Who will be with you when you walk through the door?



“Simply a jump above the rest”
The cheerleader is the positive force of the school, uplifting the crowd win or lose.

Take inspiration here with vibrant happy colour schemes, the chevron patterns we see on cheer tops and the bows the team wear in their hair. Think of the movement of the pom-poms. We could recreate this texture using fringing or tiered layers of fabric.

What colours would your cheer team wear? Design your own uniform complete with the school letter or your own initials appliquéd on!


  • Accordion pleats
  • Velour tracksuits
  • “School colours”
  • Chevron patterns
  • Long-sleeve crop tops
  • High-necks
  • Bows of all shapes and sizes
  • Not to forget the pom-poms!


“When you’re not winning games on the field you’re still representing your team in the halls”. This character dresses with an ease and confidence that the entire school is envious of! The champion of their own style. You are in the sports squad.

If you prefer sweatpants and hoodies over skirts and dresses. Yet this crew will also mesh both worlds together if they do choose! Sweaters, skirts and trainers. Hoodies as a dress, layered underneath a smart blazer.

Find inspiration here from sports/Athleisure wear. The shiny fabric of a basketball jersey, the quirky argyle print of a golf shirt,or the classic high
school varsity jacket.

What team would you play for? What would your colours be? Incorporate it in to your unique design!


  • Cargo pants
  • Utility pockets
  • Half-zip fleeces
  • Beanies bucket hats and bum bags
  • Oversized sweaters
  • Varsity jackets


“A best friend is the one who brings out the best in you”

Besties, friends for life, soul sisters. The girl gang are loyal through and through. They influence each other’s style and are always on top of the latest trends, sometimes even setting them.

We can find inspiration here by referencing iconic best friend groups. Think of some you may know, make a mood board and discuss with your
(Eg Sam and Cat, Pink Ladies, Clueless Cher and Dion)

Work with your friends in class to create a cohesive look and form your own “Girl Gang” signature look.


  • Colourful Plaid
  • Pleats
  • Tie-front cardigans
  • Fur/feather cuffs & necklines
  • Cropped blazers
  • Sweater vests
  • Argyle patterned fabrics


“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it!”

Determined and passionate, the graduate has their eyes on the goal and they work hard for it! Dressing smart and being smart go hand in hand with blazers, shirts and ties!

Take inspiration from the cap and gown of the graduate, the box pleats, the fringing of the tassel. Using the shape and flow of the cape, then transforming it into a dress or billowing skirt!


  • Cape style coats
  • Flowing skirts and dresses
  • Fringing everywhere inspired by the tassel of the cap
  • Skater skirts
  • Box pleats
  • Sash inspired scarfs


“Got the gown, need the crown!”

Confident, kind and popular, the prom queen is quite literally the belle of the ball. We can find lots of fun inspiration for this character. Think of the full skirt, almost Disney princess like, light and airy. Or maybe your queen will wear a stylish suit.

The bigger the better for this student, think of referencing movies or shows where the character wears a ball gown or prom dress and has a show-stopping moment!


  • Sequins
  • Tulle
  • Satin ruched skirts
  • Ostrich feather style trim
  • Oversized bows
  • Tiered skirts
  • Volume, the more dramatic the better!
  • And a fabric crown to top it all off.

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