Snap Buttons (Sew on) single

Snap Buttons (Sew on) single


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6 pieces of metallic snap fasteners on card, in silver colour

2 in stock

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These very useful pressure buttons are sold in a pack of 6. They do not require any tool or hammering to be locked in place, they will be sewn on through designated holes for that purpose, the same way as regular buttons, on the inner side of your garments or accessories. They function in pairs, one size having a socket and the other a matching stud.
Easy to put on and to store without losing the second piece, they are large and strong enough to be a preferred closing method for jackets, vests, coats, bags, purses, etc…


  • 1 card ( 6 pairs)
  • 100 % non-magnetic metal
  • washable up to 95 degrees!
  • Nice medium size : 18.9 mm
  • hand-sewn
  • Colour : Silver

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