Sewing Thread (500 m), Unipoly

Sewing Thread (500 m), Unipoly


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High-quality all-purpose thread, available in many different colours

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This medium reel of Sewing and Overlocking thread is suitable for both machine and hand sewing, and available in an amazing range of colours. You are sure to find the best match to your favourite fabric.
We’re glad to introduce this high-quality thread which is mde in Europe! UNIPOLY is manufactured from quality polyester staple fibres. Its great advantage is its versatile use in the garment industry. The special sewing finish enables break-free sewing on modern high-revolution sewing machines. The thread stands out for its high strength, colourfastness and resistance to abrasion, bacteria and mould. Production is undertaken with regard to the protection of health and the environment.


  • 500 meters length
  • Composition : 100% Polyester
  • Quantity : 1 spool
  • Size : medium, can fit horizontally and vertically
  • Available in over 50 different colours
  • Brand : Unipoly

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Weight 0.016 kg
Dimensions 10 × 4 cm

White, Neon Yellow, Sunlight, Limelight, Apricot, Orange Neon, Carrot, Neon Red, Pink Lemonade, Red, Festival Fuchsia, Paradise Pink, Bordeaux, Powder Pink, Baroque Rose, Sachet Pink, Neon Violet, Vintage Rose, Purple Geber, Dark Purple, Violet Lilac, Dewberry, Ballad Blue, Della Robbia, Dark Surf the Web, Bleached Denim, Air Blue, Harbor Blue, Capri Blue, Aquazone, Dark Blue Green, Bit of Blue, Cashmere Blue, Eclipse, Granat, Electric Green, Classic Green, Kelly Green, Leprechaun, Baby Blue, Aquarius, Marina, Green Forest, Green Ash, Ecru, Nuciola, Amphora, Light Grey, Grey, Phantom, Black