Pins (100 pieces)

Pins (100 pieces)


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Mild steel pins with grip-friendly head, sold in a small packet

45 in stock

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These mild steel pins have a burr-free, grip-friendly head, while offering the advantages of a slightly flexible body, making them a perfect fit for hobbyists and professional sewers.
Their end is pointy enough to poke through a wide range of fabrics, thus they are a sewing kit’s must-have.


  • Quantity : 25g pieces
  • Small flat grip-friendly head
  • Sharp end (suitable for most fabrics)
  • 26 x .0.75 mm very practical length
  • Suitable for sewing, crafts and office uses
  • Silver Colour
  • Mini-envelope packaging (holds 100 pieces)
  • Brand : Prym (Germany)

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