Metal Chain (120 cm)

Metal Chain (120 cm)


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1 piece of detachable 1.20 meter-long metallic chain, available in several colours

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This visually interesting design of long chain is made ​​of extremely shiny metal. Each ring component is oval-shaped and can be open using pliers, so you can select the exact length you need without wasting the rest of the chain. It can be used for the production of handbags handles, front buttoning decorations, pocket wallets and watches, thick bracelets, etc… Great purchase for Project Fashion’s new Intermediate projects following their latest theme, to decorate a cropped jacket and skirt, for example.
Please note this chain does not contain any hook or carabiner.


  • 1 piece = 1.2 meter length
  • 7.5 mm width
  • 100% magnetic metal
  • 2 colours : Silver or Black
  • Extra shiny

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Weight 0.073 kg
Dimensions 120 × 0.75 cm

Silver, Black, Gold