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Corduroy Jersey (stretch)


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Stripy velvet, soft and elastic, available in several colours. Sold per meter.

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build your own bundle
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This stretch corduroy is very comfortable and shows two different sides. Just like traditional corduroy, the outer surface is ribbed and velvety, and the inner side is extremely flat and smooth to be soft against the skin.
It is thick enough to be used for accessories, home decoration, suits, vests, Jackets, other bottoms such as skirts, lounge sets and why not a jumpsuit or a coat.

Please note : When cutting, it is good to make sure that the parts are laid in one direction, preferably with the stripes being vertical, otherwise you may alter the stretch and visual effect of your finished product. It is recommended to finish all seams with overlock, to avoid fraying and plushing.

The fabric has a stretch base, a change of needles may need to occur for it to be sewn easily by machine.
We recommend our store-owned super-stretch needles.


Features :

  • Retro look
  • Iron at back to keep the volume
  • 95% polyester 5% elastane
  • 150cm width
  • 260 gsm
  • Quantity : 1 meter (add more units to cart)
  • Classic colours that match everything

Additional information

Weight 0.440 kg
Dimensions 100 × 150 cm

Pink, Turquoise, Red, Mauve, Electric Blue, Off-white

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