Assorted Universal Bobbins (5 pieces)

Assorted Universal Bobbins (5 pieces)


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5 spare empty Bobbin spools, in 5 different colours, to suit most makes of household sewing machines with either front or drop-in loading.

30 in stock

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5 Bobbins in 5 different colours of the rainbow, to suit most makes of household sewing machines. They work for both front-loading and drop-in types of machines.
Having extra bobbins can help avoid wasting thread as it allows to store pre-wound ones for later, and an easy switch between projects of different colours.



  • Quantity : 5 pieces
  • Suitable for most Household Sewing Machines
  • Multicoloured for inspiration
  • Slight transparency to check thread level
  • Safe plastic material
  • Brand : hemline

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