Assorted Hand Sewing Needles (30 pieces)

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Assorted Hand Sewing Needles (30 pieces)


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Wheel of 30 Black & White Nickle-free assorted hand sewing Needles, for all your craft projects.

13 in stock

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This compact wheel contains a selection of 30 different sharps, betweens, tapestry and short darners. Black and White and completely Nickel-free, they come as a good news to allergy sufferers. Their black non-reflective surface is designed specifically to sooth the eye, especially during long sewing works. Their White Eye end makes threading less difficult, and the demarcation can help with a more constant stitch length.


  • Quantity : 30 pieces
  • Suitable for every craft type
  • Small to Large Eye selection
  • Nickle free
  • Easier threading with white eye
  • Eye-soothing Non-reflective coating
  • Superior Quality
  • Dispenser Wheel packaging
  • Brand : Pony

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