8 sections Dressform, size XS

8 sections Dressform, size XS


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Quality Dressform from Prym (Germany), The Prymadonna has a rotatable 8 piece body with integrated pin cushion at the neck area, stable plastic stand, and a hem marker. It is suitable from ages 11 to 16 years+ or UK sizes 2 to 8.

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Whether you’re a professional tailor or hobbyist: you will love the “Prymadonna” dressform.  Its rotatable torso is made of plastic and is covered with a foam-reinforced nylon cover for easy insertion and pin marking. This dressform consists of 8 parts, allowing for very flexible configuration. It can be individually adjusted at the neck, bust, waistline and hips – a total of 13 variations are possible.
Size XS can cover from UK size 2 (at lowest settings) to 8 (fully extended). Making it suitable for pre-teens as well as teenagers, from about age 11 to 16+ years.
Adjustments can be made in the inch/cm measurement units using knobs at the front, and wheels at the sides and rear.
Few special elements: the waist’s height can also be adjusted for tall bodies, and the elaborated shoulder section ensures that sleeves always fall in the right position.


  • Rotatable 8 parts for full customization
  • Size XS for UK sizes 2 to 8, children aged 11 to 16+
  • Integrated pin cushion at neck
  • Adjustable neck and waist heights
  • Adjustable width at bust, waist, and hip lines
  • Nylon cover for easy marking with pins
  • Stable stand and pedestal
  • Easy to install
  • Dark Purple colour
  • Brand : Prym (Germany)
  • Manual included

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Weight 3.89 kg
Dimensions 730 × 349 × 266 cm

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