Here at Project Fashion we are happy to announce our Elf on a Shelf Fashion Design Classes just in time for Christmas 2019

This is an exciting opportunity for our learners to make a mini version of some of the designs they have already created so they can match come Christmas day.

Join our Elf extravaganza this Christmas with our Elf Fashion Design Work Shop. We are encouraging learners to create some new Elf Fashions which they can present to their Elf just in time for Christmas.

We have patterns for both boy and girl Elves and encourage everyone to pick some funky fabrics and embellishments to really make their designs stand out.

Students will learn how to thread up a sewing machine, introduced to pattern cutting and finally our Elf Fashion Designers will learn how to sew their designs together in time for an Elf Fashion Show and photoshoot!!

You can make your Elf some new PJ’s to wear on Christmas Eve before Santa arrives. Or a fancy onesie to keep them nice and warm during the cold nights. You can make them a party dress or a shirt and trousers, a cool jacket or some accessories like a hat, scarf, necklace or tie. Let your imagination run wild.

At the end of the term each learner will receive a special Elf Certificate which were printed in The North Pole by Santa Clause himself. Once everyone has their items completed they will be presented with their certificates.

Santa has given us a sneak peak at the patterns including:

  • A selection of Elf boots
  • Collar
  • Dress
  • Skirt
  • Mermaid fin
  • Shirts
  • Jumpers
  • Trousers
  • Gillet
  • T-Shirt
  • Shorts

We encourage each child to use their imagination when creating their designs. They can add embellishments with beads, buttons, ribbon, etc. 


To make each of these designs they can use felt OR fabric.

Felt: 3-4 sheets of felt which can be purchased in Hickeys or any Art & Hobby Shop. Soft felt is advisable for clothing.

Fabric: 0.5m of fabric (depending on how many outfits they want to make)

Embellishments: Beads, buttons, sequins, ribbon, baubles, anything of your choice to add to the outfits.


We know Elf on a Shelf isn’t for everyone so we also have the option to make a personalised stocking or Santa hat. You can really use your imagination with these and even make them as Christmas presents to give to someone. They can be personalised using your name or embellishments. This is where we encourage learners to really use their imagination.

Santa has been very busy helping us with our certificates. He had also created these ones for those who want to make Stockings or Hats. They can be left out on Christmas eve to show Santa alongside the milk and cookies.

Fabric Measurements


  • 1m of fabric
  • 0.5m Ribbon 1 inch wide
  • Embellishments (optional) – Ribbon, Sequins, Buttons, tinsel


Christmas Hat:

  • 0.5m fleece fabric
  • 0.25 fleece fabric with fur look
  • 1 large pom pom