Fashion Design Easter Camp 2024

Taylor vs Billie
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Fashion Design Easter Camp 2024

Week 1 starts Monday 25th March

Week 2 Tuesday 2nd April

This year at Project Fashion our students will be exploring music and pop culture with our theme “Tiny Trend Setters”. They will be designing one garment of their choice, a top, dress or hoodie. Their garment design will be inspired by their favourite pop stars based on their favourite genres. Are they pop or rock? Alternative or punk? Electronic or romantic?

The camp focuses on the process of Fashion Design, from creative thinking, fashion illustration, sewing machine training and garment construction. We are introducing a hybrid pattern that they can construct in multiple ways whether it be adding a frill, making a hoodie, attaching pockets or turning a top into a dress.

Our students will be learning new techniques to upskill themselves, gently guided by our industry designers, all the while, being encouraged to stamp their own identity and discover their own style.

During this camp, students will be taught valuable life skills and hopefully instil some confidence and independence along the way.

And then for the grand finale! Our young designers will be able to proudly showcase their work on the final day in front of their parents and guests in a thrilling fashion show!

General Info:

  • No experience required for this camp

  • Age 7 – 15yrs (Boys & Girls welcome)

  • Week One – 5 days = €140 *

  • Week Two – 4 days = €112

  • 2nd sibling discount

  • Morning: 9.30am to 1.30pm

* Dundrum 4 days = €112)

Are you a Taylor?

Camp Checklist:

  • Sewing kit

  • Colouring pencils

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

  • Magazines

  • Fabric bundle (options below)

  • Trousers, shorts or skirt for fashion show on final day

Are you a Billie?

Choose your Exclusive Garment Bundle

For Fashion Design Easter Camp 2024

We are introducing a hybrid pattern that students can construct in multiple ways whether it be adding a frill, making a hoodie, attaching pockets or turning a top into a dress. Each student will require fabric and thread so we are offering a bundle with everything they need in our online shop. We supply sewing machines and other equipment.

Choose one of the designs below. Each bundle has everything a student needs to complete their course. Customize the design by choosing the fabric, patches and trim.

Styling for show: For 5 day camps, if your child has time, they may bring in an old pair of jeans to customise for the fashion show. They can upcycle into a pair of shorts, turn into flares or simply embellish them with patches or fringing.

Otherwise you can style your look to compliment your top with a choice of your own garment from home.




Checkout the Project Fashion online shop with lots to choose from.

Here is a selection of our patches: