BRIEF: The Icon Project

Taking inspiration from your favourite icon, from Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Munroe to Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez or whoever your favourite is!

The boys might prefer Harry Styles, David Beckham or James Dean!!

What is an Icon?

Someone who inspires you. A musician, an Artist, a Designer or Sports person, even a Politician. What they stand for, what they do. What they have achieved. Someone who influences you. 

What you need to do

CREATE a look and style yourself for a front page magazine cover shot inspired by your Icon.


  1. Choose your Icon. Use Google to get some style ideas
  2. Use anything you have at home for props.  Even a furry cushion could be used for hair!
  3. Consider your back drop. A nice wallpaper or a funky painting.
  4. Try and make it look as professional as possible and not home made (for example a radiator in the background)
  5. Try and make your image stand out as the most innovative image will win
  6. Desk lamps are good for lighting and try and avoid shadow (Lighting is so important)
  7. When you go to your shop to buy a magazine, generally you will go for the magazine that has the most interesting cover or wow factor
  8. Hair and accessories are just as important to achieve your final look.


We have great camera’s on our phones now so no one needs to be a photographer to take part in this challange. You can enhance your image as you wish

All you need a little imagination and have fun!


  1. Follow us on Instagram
  2. Send us a DM with your final image, child’s NAME and AGE and parents contact number OR Post a picture with #ProjectFashionCoverShot

NB: Image must be potrait with no text on it. We will add magazine text on final image chosen.

Instagram: Project Fashion Academy


Winner will receive the following prizes! will publish the winning image.

2.You will receive an aluminium photo panel to capture your Cover Shot forever.

3. A free place to a Project Fashion Summer Camp worth €125



Competition open to Ages 7yrs to 16yrs

Closing Date of competition is Friday 1st May 2020.

By participating in this competition, you are giving permission for your photo to be used online and on social media platforms in relation to the ‘Front Cover Magazine Shoot’ organised by Project Fashion.

Project Fashion summer camp place can only be used by participant and is non-transferable.

Appropriate. non explicit images will only be accepted.